Committed to telling the story of Louisiana during the war and the part taken by her sons 

Our Museum is open from Wednesday thru Saturday from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.   We are closed for all National Holidays.and close from Thanksgiving through the end of the year.

The grounds at Camp Moore are open 7 days a week from daylight to dusk for pedestrians.  You are welcome to walk the grounds and take our self-guided walking tour.  Please respect the grounds and leave them in the same condition you found them.
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Use the Submit button below to submit your unit registration for the event.  If you need to clear all fields and start over, please press the Reset button.  If you have any other questions, please email Clay Ainsworth at
Please use our online Registration form below to submit your unit's registration to the reenactment.  There are no forms to mail in.  Please read the Reenactment Guidelines on a previous page and acknowledge here that you have read and accept them.  By accepting that you have read these guidelines, you are acknowledging that you and your unit will abide by these guidelines.  Declining to accept will necessarily result in your unit being barred from the event.
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Camp Moore will not play games with historical accuracy insofar as flags are concerned.  Your battle flags are welcomed and encouraged.  In fact, see the Reenactment Guidelines link for more information about this issue!!!
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