Committed to telling the story of Louisiana during the war and the part taken by her sons 

Our Museum is open from Wednesday thru Saturday from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.   We are closed for all National Holidays.and close from Thanksgiving through the end of the year. 

The grounds at Camp Moore are open 7 days a week from daylight to dusk for pedestrians.  You are welcome to walk the grounds and take our self-guided walking tour.  Please respect the grounds and leave them in the same condition you found them.
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Camp Moore Museum
Our displays tell the story of the common soldier.  We have many personal artifacts that include clothing, shaving kits, cups, plates, haversack, buttons and knapsacks.  Due to the large amount of influence that soldier health played at Camp Moore, we have an excellent collection of medicines and medical instruments from the period.  Highlighting life at Camp Moore, we also have displays on games that soldiers played and music as music was very alive at Camp Moore.  We also have displayes dedicated to the explanation of artillery, different money from the period and also a case full of items dug from the grounds of Camp Moore.  We have two floors of displays that include weapons, battle timelines, soldier accoutrements, uniforms, ladies' items and postwar veteran organization material.
We also carry a line of souvenirs in our museum that are available for purchase.  These include games, flags, shirts and different souvenirs with a War Between the States theme.  We also have a bookstore that carries books pertinent to Louisiana units, Louisiana during the war and the war in the Trans-Mississipi.